{what} is under your kitchen sink?

you know that cabinet under your kitchen sink? the one crammed with tons of cleaning products & chemicals & just a jumble of who knows what? challenge this week: clean. it. out. 

if you’ve been resistant to switching out your commercial cleaning products, this blog post is for you. please just do one thing: go to ewg.org and type in your favorite cleaning product. 

what grade does it get? are you surprised? 

type in some more products you like to use. it’s pretty eye-opening, huh.

i’ve used this site in the past to find safe makeup products, but i don’t use commercial cleaning products so i’ve never looked them up before. do you know what pledge polish scores on that scale, A-F? it scores a C, with some of the pledge products going as low as a D. weiman stainless steel cleaner? a whopping F!! almost all the weiman cleaning products are F’s! and they’re some of the most common stainless steel products i see in homes.

if this is not making any sense to you, hop on over to ewg’s site and see what i’m talking about. they take each ingredient in each product and give you a letter grade based on its toxicity & harmfulness. you obviously want to stay in the A & B range. most products that dip down to a D or F have multiple carcinogens & effect organ function.

now, please don’t fall down the black hole of fear like i did…take a breath, get your bearings, and just take small steps towards change. the first thing would be to dispose safely of the most harmful products you use, and then proceed to use up the rest of the not-too-harmful stuff. and the next time you go to purchase a product-read the labels! it doesn’t have to be overwhelming & complicated. there’s very simple, easy to make all-purpose cleaners online. a few of my favorites are livesimply.me & cleanmama.com

and if that even sounds like too much work, we have a whole line of safe products you can buy. that is the entire reason behind {handmade clean}. i make the products so you don’t have to 🙂 

either way, let’s get those death traps under the kitchen sink cleared out and pared down to the basics again. i’m really into before & afters lately, so enjoy the difference here between a client’s before with {clean} products in the after.



have a lovely rest of your week, everyone! and stay healthy out there <3