{ shine } unpacked

replaces: mrs. meyers multi, method all-purpose, clorox wipes, 409, fabuloso, mr. clean, lysol, seventh generation, simple green

uses: countertops, granite, stone, stone tile, appliances (inside & out), shower walls & doors, bathroom counters & sinks, mirrors, windows, windowsills, glass furniture, air freshener

ingredients: castile soap, rubbing alcohol, litsea cubeba essential oil, lemon essential oil, distilled water

formula no. 2 {shine} is our basic all-purpose. it’s versatile, smells phenomenal, and is safe to use on nearly any surface. granite, stainless steel, glass, laminate-even marble in small amounts! the only thing i wouldn’t use it on is wood, as it can wear away at the finish over time. 

simply spray the surface you’d like to clean and wipe with a dry cloth, no rinsing necessary since alcohol evaporates.

after the {cleanse} unpacked post of last week, a few people requested i dive more into the individual ingredients in the products, and how they work. we’ll start with rubbing alcohol as it’s the star of the show in this product. i believe rubbing alcohol is one of the most underrated cleaning agents of all time. it’s effective in killing e.coli, norovirus & the influenza virus! AND it’s still safe to use on so many surfaces in your home. it is definitely NOT safe to ingest, so please still keep your {shine} out of reach of littles, but those more dangerous germs need a bit more punch like this in order to be eliminated. 

litsea cubeba essential oil is the other showstopper in this product. as i’ve said before, i primarily add essential oils to give my products a beautiful scent so i don’t have to use fragrances, but i do try to implement the essential oils that are more known for their cleaning properties-even though there isn’t a ton of scientific evidence to support the argument that they kill all the germs on their own. litsea cubeba has been used for many, many years for immune support, high energy & surface cleansing. it has many similarities to lemongrass, found in our {cleanse} and used in many cleaning products as well. the scent of litsea cubeba is very citrus-y and refreshing. we combine it with lemon in this recipe to add another dose of freshness & cleanser. makes for a lovely air freshener as well. 

one of the best aspects of our products is how beautifully they’re packaged. it makes cleaning a bit more of a luxury than a chore (a happy customer’s words, not mine!). i keep my bottle of {shine} out on my kitchen counter by the sink-both because it’s pretty and also because it’s a gentle reminder to disinfect those countertops after each meal. i’m the type that always needs the visual reminder (just be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight as that will deteriorate the oils over time).

so that’s product #2 in our starter kit! two down, one to go next week. hop over to the starter kit tab and grab one while they’re still on sale! remember to enter CLEAN2020 at checkout.

happy belated valentine’s, everyone <3 

have a lovely rest of your week!