starter kit


no 1 cleanse – eucalyptus & lemongrass

no 2 shine – litsea & lemon

no 4 disinfect – ancient thieves

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people ask me often “what would be the best products to start with?” these. these right here. i love all the products, of course, but this is your best bet for a lil starter pack. cleanse, shine & disinfect. they’ll give you a good base to start with if you’re not able to bite the bullet and get the whole line.

what you get

no 1 cleanse

bathtubs, sinks, grout, toilet bowls, fabric stains

{ingredients} castile soap • baking soda • distilled water • eucalyptus essential oil • lemongrass essential oil

no 2 shine

granite, countertops, shower walls, mirrors, stovetops, air freshener

{ingredients} rubbing alcohol • distilled water • castile soap • litsea cubeba essential oil • lemon essential oil

no 4 disinfect

toilets, appliances, light switches, door handles, non-stone countertops

{ingredients} rosemary infused white vinegar • distilled water • ancient thieves essential oil


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