{polish} unpacked

replaces: pledge, weiman stainless steel cleaner, armor all 

uses: stainless steel appliances, wood furniture, car interior, leather furniture, doors & frames, baseboards, cabinet fronts, wooden blinds, fan blades

ingredients: distilled vinegar, fractionated coconut oil, balsam essential oil, distilled water

let’s talk about formula no. 5 {polish}

love. this. stuff. 

have you ever cleaned a stainless steel fridge? i mean, reaaallly cleaned it?? spent so much time buffing it out until it was absolutely perfect? 

and then you open and close the door like, once, and somehow there’s fingerprints everywhere?! 

hate that. 

and there’s a reason that happens. it’s because most stainless steel cleaners use petroleum products in them (that are scary toxic, btw), which causes it to look really shiny right after the fact, but not to hold up under any use whatsoever. as soon as a finger touches it, the oils from our skin mess up the perfect “film” of product you just put all over the biggest appliance in your kitchen.

stop that! 🙂

what i love most about formula no. 5 {polish} is that it seems to almost nourish the items you clean with it. stainless steel gleams beautifully, but it doesn’t show every tiny smudge every time it’s touched. wood furniture just soaks it up, also putting off a beautiful shiny finish. and leather…omg it works soooo well on leather. *insert heart eyed emoji here* no more dry, crackling leather-or even worse! a slippery film sitting on top of the leather surface! polish just seeps right into it, giving it a smooth, supple finish. 

as you can see, my love for polish runs deep.

there are many uses for it (see list above), but my favorite trick is to pour some into a little 4oz bottle with a trigger sprayer and keep it in my glove compartment! so handy to clean up the dashboard in your car or to use on leather seats. and it smells absolutely divine. just remember to take it out when temperatures drop below freezing! 

my favorite cloth to use with polish is a cloth diaper-they are super absorbent & fluffy, so they’re excellent for buffing. just be sure to keep a designated polish cloth, different from your regular cleaning cloths; the coconut oil in the polish does build up over time in the actual fibers of the cloth, so it will streak your mirrors & countertops!

so there you have it. one good reason after another to give {polish} a try. if you already own some, let me know if the comments what your favorite use for it is! i’m always eager to add more uses to the list. my sister came up with the glove compartment trick, and now it’s my favorite. 

hope you all have a lovely rest of the week and happy hump day!!