{ disinfect } unpacked

replaces: seventh generation disinfectant, lysol, clorox green works, zep antibacterial, bleach

uses: toilets, non-stone countertops, faucets, showerheads, light switches, doors & door handles, vents, blinds, light fixtures, kitchen cabinets, baseboards, trash cans

ingredients: lemon infused vinegar, rubbing alcohol, ancient thieves essential oil, distilled water

formula no. 4 {disinfect} is our hardcore germ killer. vinegar & rubbing alcohol are strong enough on their own, add some ancient thieves essential oils and you have a force to be reckoned with. toilets don’t stand a chance. 

what most people don’t know about vinegar is that it only kills 80% of germs when used alone! i mean, it’s better than killing none at all, but not quite the powerhouse everyone believes it to be. to make matters worse, a lot of people actually mix vinegar with baking soda to clean, believing that makes it even “more effective”. please, please do not do this! it won’t harm you, but the chemical compounds will neutralize each other making them both completely ineffective. this is one of the most common mistakes for DIY-ers…do your research! just because it looks like it’s working from the pretty foaming reaction, does not mean that it is. 

we covered the benefits of rubbing alcohol last week in our {shine} unpacked post, so hop over there if you want a quick read about how effective this underrated cleaning agent really is. 

i cannot write an entire post about this cleaner without bragging on ancient thieves essential oil as an ingredient. some of you may be familiar with thieves from the young living line of cleaners-this is not what i’m talking about. i’m talking about the straight up cocktail of essential oils that pirates used to rub on their gums to prevent scurvy :O for real. this is one of the only essential oil blends they’ve done actual testing on since it’s been around for so long and has been used to kill bacteria for so many years. the technical term science has given it so far is “antimicrobial”.the babiest of germ killers, but not too bad for an essential oil. it has been shown to kill e.coli & inhibit growth of the flu, among a few other benefits such as pain relief & wound healing. i strongly believe it’s so much more effective than other essential oil blends because of the intense combination of oils. i’ll even leave you with a little recipe for your own ancient thieves essential oil cocktail:

40 drops clove bud essential oil
35 drops lemon essential oil
20 drops cinnamon bark essential oil
15 drops eucalyptus essential oil
10 drops rosemary essential oil

mix & store in a dark glass bottle. highly concentrated so be sure to dilute.

so, there you have it! the end to our “intro to starter kit 101”. don’t forget it’s the last week to get $10 off, so hop over to the starter kit page and grab one before the end of february!  use discount code clean2020 at checkout.

i hope you learned a little something along the way. thank you for joining me, and have a lovely rest of your week!