Update March 21: Creating a clean and healthy environment in your home has always been our top priority.

With that said and the current situation surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to reinforce that CLEAN Inc is here for you and your family. We are following strict guidelines to make sure that you and our employees are kept safe. *We are no longer sending teams. To help control the situation better, we feel that having one person coming into your home is safer for everyone.

We are making sure that:

  • If any of our employees or family members are showing flu like symptoms that they report to us and are required to stay home.
  • If any of our clients or family members are showing flu like symptoms that they let us know and are rescheduled.
  • Our team members wear gloves. (Our team members have always worn gloves when cleaning your home)
  • Our team members are disinfecting their cleaning caddies and bottles before entering your home.
  • Our team members wash their hands when they arrive before starting to work in your home.
  • Our team members use fresh cloths for your home. (we’ve always used fresh cloths in every new home)

We know this is an uncertain time but it is certainly the time to keep things clean! We are staying up to date on the current situation as best we can and will update this policy as needed. Until then, we are here to help keep your home clean, healthy, and happy.