{ cleanse } unpacked

replaces: scrubbing bubbles, clorox, lysol, method bathroom, magic eraser, tilex, spot chomp

uses: bathtubs, shower walls & floors, toilet bowls & seats, bathroom sinks, grout, extra grimy stovetops, kitchen sinks, garbage disposals, drains, fabric stains, carpet stains, oven interiors

ingredients: baking soda, castile soap, eucalyptus essential oil, lemongrass essential oil, distilled water

formula no. 1 { cleanse } is your powerhouse cleaner. this is the one you want to pull out whenever a little extra elbow grease is required. you’ll want to use a wet cloth, loofah sponge or scrub brush and always rinse after you use this product, otherwise the baking soda component will leave a white film behind when it dries.

i like to combine this product with formula no. 7 { scrub } when i’m cleaning bathtubs, especially if they’re used often with little ones. no one wants that dark ring around the edge of the tub (used to drive my mom mad if i missed that ring on cleaning day!). i spray down the tub with { cleanse } and then sprinkle on some { scrub } and let sit for a few minutes. then i scour the crap out of it and rinse it all down the drain with an adorably aesthetic bamboo cup. it takes just a few minutes and then you have a sparkling, germ-free bathtub. 

another secret use for this gem is stain removal. i use it to spot treat stained clothing before throwing them in the wash-just spray directly on to the garment and rub gently with a soft brush (a bamboo toothbrush would be great for this). it also works like a dream on carpet stains. simply spray on the stain, let sit for 5 minutes and rub clean with a dry white cloth. for more stubborn stains i would use a wet scrub brush and then the dry white cloth. 

one of the coolest parts about cleaning with totally natural ingredients is to see how creative you can be with the products. i’m sure there are many other tasks this product can tackle that i haven’t even tried yet. let me know in the comments below if you tried something new and it worked well!

be sure to check back in later this week for the bathtub cleaning tutorial i’ll have up on instagram stories-you’ll be able to see me use the technique i mention above. 

i believe that’s it for now! keeping with my theme of short & sweet blog posts 🙂 

have a wonderful rest of your week everyone!