hello! my name is rachel, owner and founder of {clean inc} cleaning is my passion; i started my first cleaning job as a teenager and have spent the last 16 years perfecting my craft. after graduating college, i taught high school for several years but my heart wasn’t in it. at risk of turning into a teacher who hated teaching – we’ve all had that teacher, right? it’s the worst. – i left teaching and in 2015 established {clean inc.}

a few months in, i began experiencing painful reactions to the cleaning products i was using every day. i tried to buy “natural” products but quickly discovered they are not required to disclose the ingredients and i still had no idea what chemicals i was being exposed to while cleaning. how could i know the products i was using were safe and natural?

i began to experiment with making my own products and failed. a lot. formula after formula, i continued to edit and refine each product until i was satisfied. and as a “type a” perfectionist, i am not easily satisfied. after years of methodical experimentation, we now have a beautiful line of cleaning products that my team uses on a daily basis. these products will give you fantastic results and have none of the harmful effects of harsh commercial cleaning products.

i’m excited to have this opportunity to share my passion for safe and effective products that will give you the perfect clean!